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Having been in the pawn industry for several decades, we have learned how to identify and determine the value of items brought into our store to generate consistent profits.

We, Pawn Shop owners and Pawnbroker consultants, Jerry, Frank and Bill "owner of this site", have come together to offer up our decades of valuable real life pawnbroker experience in the form of our eBook which over the years have received rave universal industry recognition due the fact everything is in laymen's terms so that any one, from any country can follow.  You won't find any fluff or useless filler content.

By simply following the key points in the pawn shop opening procedures, you will be able to apply them to any region in the world.

We currently own independently run Pawn Shops in California, Florida, New Hampshire and Quebec, Canada, which all are sources of positive cash flow and our guide provides operation details on those stores.

The fact is, we are just like you, people looking to make a few bucks in the pawn industry that have learned from our successes and failures over a span of 30 years.  The result is a powerful, insightful, turnkey pawn shop business startup plan that can be implemented in any city, state or country.

We don't like to mess around with fancy wording, diagrams or complicated outlooks.

Our eBook is straightforward and comprehensive, so you can begin realizing profits from the pawn industry.  Just stick by our procedures and you'll make it!

We also made it a point to address startup capital in our guide, as it may be a concern and a factor for many.

What we have done is created a proven pawn shop business startup system where very little money is required, which was achieved by documenting our immediate and rapid growth strategies, based off our own pawn shop operations as we started out just a few hundred dollars.   So we know what works and what doesn't...

However, in the event you need cash, you'll find all of the resources, tools, information and tight-lipped contacts in our guide.

You won't find a more dedicated group of pawn brokers to you show you how it all works, and the steps needed to get your business up and running with little to no working capital.

Open your own high-profit margin pawn

shop and create a progressive

source of steady cash flow.

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